AWARE brings Summer Mindfulness to the people of Newry

AWARE brings Summer Mindfulness to the people of Newry

Published on Thursday, 09 June 2016

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AWARE is hosting a 2 hour Mindfulness workshop at the Sean Holywood Arts Centre in Newry.  The workshop taking place on Thursday 16th June from 7pm – 9pm will aim to give people a better understanding of what Mindfulness is.

Participants will explore the ancient technique which is proven to improve wellbeing, reduce stress and help people to manage anxiety.  Through a mixture of theory and practice, people will get a feel for how this might fit into their busy life and help them find ways to slow down the hectic pace of life. 

Angela attended the AWARE Mindfulness workshop last year and said,  

“I would highly recommend this course.  Mindfulness helped guide me to become more relaxed and taught me what is important and what is not.  I found it a great new habit to replace many old habits, and it has made me more aware of others in my surroundings.  The AWARE Mindfulness course gave me a sense of self acceptance and I cannot tell you how positive this has been on my life.”

Often people do not understand Mindfulness and dismiss it without giving it a try.  AWARE is delighted to be offering this introductory 2 hour session to help people get a better understanding of this wonderful technique which helped over 2000 in Northern Ireland in the last year.

Frank Liddy, AWARE’s Mindfulness Practitioner says

“AWARE’s Mindfulness Programme has been designed with you in mind.  I have no doubt that everyone can practice Mindfulness and integrate it into their daily life.  

“Mindfulness is the ancient practice of being in the moment and this is achieved by focusing on one of our senses, whether that is touch, vision, hearing, taste or smell. For example, observing our breathing for one minute brings us into the present - the now. 

“We are often slaves to our thoughts, convictions, emotions and preferences. Today, we are rarely in the present moment and we have lost the ability to get there.  Being still in the present moment frees us from our thoughts and emotions and this is a skill everyone should have.”

If you think Mindfulness might help you,sign up to the Summer Mindfulness Workshop in The Sean Holywood Arts Centre, Newry on Thursday 16th June from 7-9.  

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