Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week 30 April - 6 May

Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week 30 April - 6 May

Published on Monday, 30 April 2018

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AWARE as a member of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance UK and Northern Ireland Regional Perinatal Mental Health Forum fully supports this very important week for families to raise awareness of the importance of families mental health during pregnancy, post pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life.

AWARE's Mood Matters Parent and Baby programme which is an integral part of the Public Health Agencies Infant Mental Health Strategy, promotes and supports the importance of positive mental health for expectant parents and parents of young babies.

The 1-2 hour programme teaches parents skills and techniques to look after your mental health, manage your feelings when you are stressed, worried or depressed, and help you cope with challenges in your life.

It also helps you look after your baby’s mental wellbeing and give him or her the best start in life.

"Our young mums got so much out of this programme, and it has opened some really important discussions about why it is so important that they seek help early and look after their own mental health.”

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