Malin to Mizen - Exercise your way to better health

Malin to Mizen - Exercise your way to better health

Published on Wednesday, 06 January 2016

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Let’s face it most of us overindulged at Christmas, so now it’s January we will probably need to work off the festive excesses. It’s always hard to start exercising, but the secret is getting started.

Exercise is not only good for your waistline; it is also good to help regulating our mood, balancing the brain, helping with sleep and other functions. 

AWARE is the leading charity in Northern Ireland that works with those suffering with depression and mental illness. We believe that exercise is often a neglected strategy in the management of depression and in fact 20 minutes of exercise is believed to have the same benefits as one antidepressant tablet.

This is why in AWARE’s 20th anniversary year, we have chosen a fitness challenge for our main fundraising event. If you are into cycling and fancy a 6 day journey from 28 May to the 4 June from the most northerly point of Ireland, Malin head to the most southerly point, Mizen head, then sign up at or call 90357820.

In the meantime, Gary Milligan of has a few fitness and exercise tips to start us off on the right path. 

·      MIX IT UP

You won’t see many results if you pick the same piece of gym equipment, running at the similar speed, for the same time every time you exercise. Try some resistance exercise- start with machine weights and work up to the free weights. Vary your time, intensity, type of exercise and resistance.


Effort is key. There is no point taking selfies or play candy crush- you will get out what you put in. 


Alternate bursts of intense exercise combined with bouts of less intense or rest has been proven to burn more calories. Instead of your traditional 30mins on the treadmill, try 10 mins on the cross trainer with a format of 1 minute sprint followed by 1 minute slow and repeat this 5 times. 


I take Bootcamp sessions so know first hand that the motivation gained from exercising in a group of likeminded people can prove invaluable. Try one session to see if you like it and bring a buddy along for extra motivation.


Try a new exercise before you write it off. Whether it’s yoga, Zumba or even skipping – give it a go and start the New Year off as you mean to go on!

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