AWARE are 'unsurprised' at the rise in antidepressant use among teenagers

AWARE are 'unsurprised' at the rise in antidepressant use among teenagers

Published on Wednesday, 09 March 2016

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The World Health Organisation has said that a rise in the use of anti-depressant drugs among children is a concern.However, AWARE, the only mental health charity in Northern Ireland working exclusively for people with depression and bipolar has today said that the rise in antidepressant medication among teenagers is ‘unsurprising.’


Siobhan Doherty, Chief Executive of AWARE said,


“Last week we saw a report* that rates of depression among teenagers have soared in the past 25 years, so not surprisingly prescribing of anti-depressants would be a consequence.


“AWARE highlight the importance of prevention and early intervention of mental ill-health through our Mood Matters Young People programme which is delivered into post primary schools, youth clubs and in community settings across Northern Ireland.  This programmes gives young people the knowledge and skills which they can use to maintain good mental health and build resilience in order to better deal with problems and challenges.


“We currently only have funding to deliver this important programme into a quarter of post-primary schools in Northern Ireland; but with more funding we could reach more young people and have a greater impact on teaching the importance of positive mental health from a young age.”



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