Statement from AWARE following the BBC Panorama Programme

Statement from AWARE following the BBC Panorama Programme

Published on Monday, 31 July 2017

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After the BBC Panorama Programme "A Prescription to Kill" AWARE would like to issue the following statement to provide reassurance and guidance to the many people we come into contact with daily who are using anti-depressant medication:

'Antidepressants play a key role in the recovery of many people with mental illness. We would urge anyone reconsidering their antidepressant medication to speak it over with their GP or mental health professional first.

'Depression and the use of prescription medication to treat the illness is already stigmatised and the BBC Panorama programme further stigmatises this extremely sensitive and important issue.

'At AWARE, we recognise the importance of talking therapies in the treatment of mild to moderate depression, but in many cases antidepressants work to complement these talking therapies. The benefits of antidepressants vastly outweigh the risks and therefore we would urge people to approach this BBC Panorama with extreme caution - particularly those of you currently using antidepressants.

'Again we would reiterate that if anyone is concerned about the medication they are on to contact their GP, medical or mental health professional straight away.'