Local scout Niamh trekked 200km round Italy and raised money for AWARE

Local scout Niamh trekked 200km round Italy and raised money for AWARE

Published on Thursday, 15 September 2016

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Local girl, Niamh Sweeney, took part in a Scouts expedition in July this year around Italy whilst fundraising for well-known mental health charity, AWARE. The trek known as “The Explorer Belt”, is the ultimate and most challenging event a Scout will undertake. It is a 10-day expedition held in Italy.

Niamh’s team were dropped off at an undisclosed town/village in Italy and were given a tiny budget to survive. They had to complete a minimum of 200km on foot to a base camp - relying solely on the generosity of the Italian people to allow them to camp in their gardens and teach the Scouts more about the local culture. Alongside this, there were numerous projects to complete in order to allow them to better experience a new culture and embrace the surrounding environment. 

Niamh fundraised for AWARE in the run up to her trek and said,

“AWARE is an amazing charity that has helped myself and a huge number of others within Northern Ireland. 

“I have had challenges and struggles when it comes to my own mental health for many years and it's something that I try to overcome every single day. I find that there is still the stigma with mental health, particularly within young people where there is a fear to tell someone how you are feeling. My message is that it’s ok to not be ok, but just know that there is help out there and AWARE is a charity that could help you.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support and help to raise £568.49 as it will go a long way to helping people with depression. There is a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it may seem. Please know that there is help and support no matter how big or how small your problems may be.”

Margaret McCrossan, Community Fundraiser for AWARE received the cheque and said,

“Niamh is an incredibly inspirational young lady. I am absolutely delighted to receive this cheque from Niamh after her amazing trek in Italy.

“AWARE is a charity relying on donations from the public and the money which Niamh raised will help us to continue our services in the local area.”

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