"Be Our Guest" for Derry Disney Gala

"Be Our Guest" for Derry Disney Gala

Published on Saturday, 23 May 2015

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If you love the songs from all the Disney classics you’ll not want to miss this fabulous fundraising event on Saturday, May 23rd at the Maldron Hotel in Derry in aid of Aware Defeat Depression and Link Music.

Organised by Aware Support Group facilitator and event organiser, Aoife Kenny, this magical night that will have you singing along to those catchy classics. With performances that would put Lion King’s, Timon and Pumba to shame, it will be a night of fun and energetic performances all on behalf of Aware Defeat Depression and Link Music.

An innovative Derry based company, Link Music, is an organisation where many a local talent, including the Clameens, have a space to develop their talent. Based on Castle Street, it provides fully functional recording studios, rehearsal rooms with separate rooms for teaching, for those interested in learning how to play drums, guitar, piano, etc. Paddy Danagher, a member of the Link team says; “We want to work with all parts of the community, youth elderly, marginalised, and of course, bring musicians together across the city. The aim to work with a wide variety of clients, linking them with other potential help and resources in Derry, that’s where the ‘Link’ in Link Music comes from.”

The second beneficiary of the night is Aware Defeat Depression. Aware is a not-for-profit organisation that works with people across Northern Ireland who suffer from depression or bi-polar disorder. They have a network of over 20 support groups, a phone helpline and education and training programmes including Mood Matters, Living Life to The Full and Mental Health First Aid. Aware provide a free space where anyone can come and speak to trained facilitators, over a cup of tea as a way of ridding yourself of the clutter life can provide.

Organisations like these play a pivotal part in our community, but recent budget cuts have meant less funding for arts and charitable organisations. Many people across Northern Ireland are out working, collecting and fundraising in a bid to help keep places like Link and Aware continue their amazing work. This is what our Disney night is all about.

“All are welcome to come and enjoy a magical Disney experience,” said Aoife. “There will be singing, dancing and appearances by some well-known Disney characters. We invite you to dawn your best party clothes and for children, it would be a great chance to dress up for the night, maybe making use of the Elsa costumes that were seen during Christmas. There will be make-up artists and nail technicians there on the night to help enhance the experience in our ‘Pampered Princess’ corner. It would be a great chance to let the normal fall away for a night and enjoy a mix of hits from some beloved Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, plus many more.”

North West singing star, Olivia McBride will be there to blow us away a big voice trapped in a young body. Dance sensation group ‘Ascent’ will also be preforming after their triumph at the Northern Ireland Preforming Arts Competition. A guest MC will be there to take you through the line-up which is composed of brilliant local musical talent.

To capture the night, we have a team of photographers and videographers, who will also provide a photo opportunity you can take home. The red carpet will roll out at 6pm in the main foyer, and performances will begin at 7pm. The night will continue until 11pm with a VIP after party access for those over 18 years. Ticket prices are £6 for adults and £3 for children, available on the night, with all proceeds going to charity.

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