Battle against mental health issues continues with CIPR NI & AWARE partnership

Battle against mental health issues continues with CIPR NI & AWARE partnership

Published on Thursday, 20 April 2017

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AWARE is delighted to be selected as the chosen charity partner for The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in Northern Ireland.

The charity was appointed during a recent committee meeting after a unanimous vote from the regional team.

AWARE has been supporting those in Northern Ireland affected by depression and mental health disorders since 1996, and now operates 24 support groups across the country.

The CIPR NI members and regional committee will be fundraising to support the implementation of further Mood Matters Education and Training Programmes in schools as the charity experiences a rise in mental health issues among young people. .

The practitioners working with the charity will also offer pro-bono communications expertise, helping the organisation to increase awareness of mental health disorders and the understanding of them in Northern Ireland.

Colleen Milligan from AWARE commented;

“We have a continuous mountain to climb in breaking down the stigma of talking about our mental health here in Northern Ireland. Whilst fundraising for our different programmes is always a priority for us, we’re looking forward to working with the CIPR NI to further highlight the importance of seeking help for any mental health needs.

“We’re so grateful they have nominated us as their charity for the year.”

Sinead Doyle, Regional Chair for CIPR NI added;

“We met with the team from AWARE , and they clearly have a passion for helping young people with mental health disorders, and to be rid of the taboo around these issues here in Northern Ireland.

“We have a very committed team of members who will be ensuring we get involved in the many fundraising opportunities with AWARE, as well as creating our own, and helping the team spread the good word and work of the charity throughout the province and beyond.

“The media, public relations and events industry has also been named one of the top ten most stressful industries to work in, so we will also be working with AWARE to offer our members and other practitioners here the opportunity to get involved in Mindfulness sessions, or just to learn more about how to manage anxieties surrounding our work.”

According to the Health Service Executive, depression, stress and anxiety in the workplace accounts for 9.9million lost working days per year, whilst the recent CIPR UK State of the Profession survey identified 10 per cent of members who suffered from a mental health condition.