AWARE congratulate Neil Lennon on speaking out about his depression

AWARE congratulate Neil Lennon on speaking out about his depression

Published on Thursday, 14 July 2016

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AWARE, Northern Irelands only mental health charity working exclusively for people with depression has today commended Neil Lennon on his bravery speaking out about his battle with depression.

The former Celtic boss is using his own experience of depression to help other young people battling with the illness.

Siobhan Doherty, Chief Executive of AWARE said that depression is increasing in Northern Ireland and it's important that people feel comfortable talking about how they are feeling.

"Unfortunately the stigma of depression and mental illness is still very much a problem when it comes to people being open and talking about their feelings.

"Recent figures obtained from the Department of Health show that depression is increasing year on year in Northern Ireland and that we have the highest rates compared to any other region in the UK.

"300,000 people in Northern Ireland are currently taking antidepressant medication which is particularly alarming and something as a society we should all be addressing in a bid to tackle depression.

"AWARE offer a number of services for people with depression including Mindfulness and the Living Life to The Full Programme which is a talking therapy and is recommended as an alternative treatment for depression. We also have a network of 23 support groups throughout Northern Ireland open to people to come along and find out more about the illness and speak to people in a similar situation."

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