Supporting your Baby's Emotional Development

Your baby’s brain development begins as early as five weeks after conception and continues to develop right through adolescence and beyond.


The first three years are especially important as this is the time that the brain grows most rapidly. Even from the earliest days, your baby’s brain is like a sponge taking in every little bit of information from you and everything it comes into contact with. 

Your baby’s life experience in the first three years will help shape the person that they become for the rest of their lives.

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It is important to know how your baby’s brain develops through its human connections. As a parent, you are their closest human connection helping them build resilience for later life.

Maintaining good mental health as a parent has a direct and lasting benefit for your baby. It not only builds nurturing and healthy bonds between you and your baby, but it helps your baby form connections and build strong attachments.

Through early brain development, your baby develops its own set of social skills and builds resilience.  

However, if there are times when you are unwell, it is important to seek help early, as another family member or friend may help you to recover quicker and your baby’s brain will continue to keep developing well. Getting support early helps both you and your baby maintain healthy bonds and attachments.

The good thing is that as a parent, every day we get a chance to start again.

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