#itsChristmasHELPME - AWARE's Top Tip's for Surviving Christmas

#itsChristmasHELPME - AWARE's Top Tip's for Surviving Christmas

Published on Thursday, 14 November 2019

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Christmas can be the hardest season of the year for people living with Depression. But you have control and CAN achieve positive mental health during it. We'll do it together with 'AWARE's Top Tips For Surviving Christmas'

Karen Collins, AWARE's Chief Executive says, 

"Christmas can be an extremely difficult season for those living with Depression. Therefore, AWARE has launched the ‘#itsChristmasHELPME’ campaign to reach out to the people of Northern Ireland that dread this time of year. Perhaps they feel lonely and isolated because they do not feel able to join in with the commercial pressure of being ‘joyful’. Or perhaps they lost someone close to them at this time of year and the reminder of that grief is painful. Or maybe they feel anxious about the many social commitments that they are expected to attend. Whatever the reason, the truth is that they are not alone in how they feel! So many of us struggle – it is ok to not be ok – especially at Christmas!

This year AWARE has released some tips on how to maintain positive mental health throughout this season based on the Take 5 approach and we hope it helps to remind you to take a break, to prioritise your mental health and to take care of yourself this Christmas.”

AWARE's Top Tips For Surviving Christmas:

  • · Take a Break. Away from Christmas festivities, go for a walk beside nature (nowhere near shops) and take notice of your surroundings. How wild the sea is in the winter and the frost on the grass in the mornings...
  • · Take a Break. From crossing off gift lists and keep your mind stimulated by something you enjoy and find relaxing. Read a book, continue solving your favourite puzzle app or journaling. Keep learning and relaxing...
  • · Take a Break. From running around from one Christmas party to the next, and go for a run that doesn't result in a hangover. Remember that alcohol is a depressant and makes you feel worse. Exercise, be active and take care of your physical health to help you with your mental health...
  • · Take a Break. From avoiding people because you think you'll bring the mood down. Remember that a lot of people feel how you do and it is ok not to be ok. Instead set aside quality time to connect with the people that love you and that you can laugh with...
  • · Take a Break. From feeling the pressure that you need to buy a gift for everyone. If you are worried about money talk to your friends and family about going out for a bite to eat instead of gift-giving, Secret Santa or all contributing together to give to a charity that is close to your hearts...