Depression Awareness Week 2014. Click here to see what we are doing

Depression Awareness Week 2014. Click here to see what we are doing

Published on Monday, 28 April 2014

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Video: Monday 28 April 2014 marks the beginning of Depression Awareness Week 2014. To commemorate this week we made a video featuring a number of people who have used our services. They describe how depression felt for them, and how far they have come with the help of Aware Defeat Depression whether they have used our Support Groups, completed a Living Life to The Full programme, or even volunteered with us. This video is very powerful and shows us how important our work is. Please click here to view this video. 


News: We recently published a story about the increasing numbers of adults living in Northern Ireland with depression. Currently, statistics show that 13% of adults are being treated for depression by their GP. This statistic is for people that visited their GP and have received a diagnosis of depression. It is likely that the number of people who are living with undiagnosed depression is much higher. For more information on this story click here.


The Blog: Our blog, called ‘I  Am Depression Aware’ invites people to write about their experience of depression, and talk about self-help therapies they took to help them during their recovery. The blog was launched in March 2014 and has been extremely successful. Those that have already contributed to the blog have provided readers with very powerful and thought provoking stories. If you would be interested in writing a blog piece, please get in touch with us today using the ‘Contact Us’ button on the website. Please also take the time to check out the blog at


Become a member: We need your help and support to ensure that those suffering from depression in Northern Ireland are not suffering in silence. It is important that those people get the help they need to help them recover. Depression can be a very isolating and lonely illness; together we can reach out and lend a hand to those in need. You can do your bit by signing up to become a member of Aware Defeat Depression and help spread the word to those around you that we are here for them whether they need us now, or in the future. For more information on how to become a member, please click here