***NEW VIDEOS** Click for more information

***NEW VIDEOS** Click for more information

Published on Monday, 20 May 2019

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AWARE is delighted to add not one, but two new videos to our YouTube channel and website. Connecting with people through the use of video is very important, and we are proud to bring you two new videos sharing information about our support groups and stories of depression from people who have suffered from the illness. 

The first video explores the AWARE Support Groups. AWARE has over 20 support groups through Northern Ireland with each of them giving group members the opportunity to speak freely about how they are feeling, share information, discuss options and support each other to move forward.

This video shows you a real life support group in action. It was recorded at our North Belfast Support Group with real support group members talking about their own experiences. Click here to be brought to our YouTube channel to watch the video. 

The second video is 'stories of depression.' Once again, real life people tell you their story of depression, the symptoms and how important seeking help for them was. We hear from Emma Norris, a young woman who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at just 17. We also hear from Michael and Chris who talk about their own diagnosis of depression and how it effected them in their daily life. Click here to be brought to our YouTube channel to watch 'stories of depression.' 

AWARE is the Depression Charity for Northern Ireland and we are here to support you recover from depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. We have a range of programmes and support groups that can help you. Browse our website or get in touch for more information. 

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