Henry Brothers partners with AWARE

Henry Brothers partners with AWARE

Published on Tuesday, 15 December 2020

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Henry Brothers has teamed up with AWARE with a goal to look after the mental health of the workforce.

Henry Brothers is now recognised as a leading construction company with over 200 direct employees. The Henry Group, meanwhile, comprises a number of manufacturing & construction sector companies, ranging from external construction through to interiors fit-out.

Ian Henry, Corporate Responsibility Director of Henry Brothers said "We are very pleased that AWARE will be delivering mental health and well-being programmes to our workforce alongside promoting their services in the Mid Ulster Area for our employees to avail of. These programmes take a preventative approach to mental ill-health and teach attendees techniques to look after their own mental health and well-being. Their mission is to have a future where people can talk about their mental health openly, access services appropriate to their needs and have the skills and knowledge to maintain positive mental health.

Good mental health is a priority for us and we recognise that it is hard for people to open up and talk about Mental Health as they may be worried about what others think. We want to help remove the stigma around this and get the conversations started so as those that experience mental health issues come forward and talk to someone.

This is why we are delighted to be partnering with AWARE to not only give our employees support but the local community also. Henry Brothers value our employees’ mental health and our collaboration with AWARE allows us, as our company slogan suggests, to be Altogether Stronger and raise awareness of the importance of protecting and promoting our own mental health as well as recognising the symptoms of mental health problems. Giving the unprecedented times we are currently facing; it is important to take action on mental health now.”

Bridie Kelly, Corporate Relationship Officer at AWARE said, " We are delighted to be working in partnership with Henry Brothers. It's great to see how much the company already value the mental health of staff and their determination to continue to do so. We are looking forward to raising awareness of mental health with Henry Brothers by our side. Thank you for the continued support." 

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